I can currently play the trombone fluently and know enough piano to get me around MIDI sequencing, etc. If you would like to, you can hear me play my trombone (AIFF). I will redo this sound a little later when I have time to set up a better quality microphone than my computer's built-in one. This sound is, right now, very low quality, and as you may hear, distorts often. This problem will should be solved when I can get around to redoing it with a better mic. Well, till then, hope I don't sound like my sister. (I'll have to secretly record her practicing sometime :-) .)

I am in the Marching Band, Pep Band, 2nd chair Symphonic Band, 2nd chair Jazz I, and the Cathedral Brass (My Parish). I play trombone in all of these.

The band also has its own home page.

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