Winona Area PC User's Group

November 15, 1995 Meeting Minutes

By Lance Tagliapietra -- WAPCUG Secretary

The Winona Area PC Users Group met in their regular 3rd Wednesday of the month session. Ultimately, the meeting was held in the Winona Middle school. Since the previous two meetings had been held at Happy Chef, the Vice President and Secretary initially went there, since the group President could not be reached before the meeeting. Future meetings of the WAPCUG, this group will be held in the Winona Middle School, West Building.

After reading of the previous months minutes and some general dicussion, President Dennis Haase gave a tour of the Middle School facilities. The tour was of great interest to the WAPCUG members, since the Middle School had recently been wired for Internet access through the local service provider Luminet.

The Internet connection is made through a multi-line fiber optic cable. The cable enters the Middle School in the east building where the network operations room is located. This room contains the fiber-optic interfaces and fileserver for the Middle School local network.

Both buildings of the Middle School facility are connected to the network. Students can access the Internet and the local file server through the systems located in the Media Center in the west building. This is where the club returned after its tour, and where future meetings of the WAPCUG will be held.

Before the meeting was concluded, internet addresses of the attending members were collected. It was decided that there will be a December meeting on the 20th.

September 20, 1995 Meeting Minutes

By Lance Tagliapietra -- WAPCUG Secretary

The WAPCUG meeting was held on September 20 at Happy Chef. Our original meeting place, Cotter High Team Lab, was closed at the last minute due to equiptment thefts there.

The meeting began at approximately 8pm with munchies. Approximately 12 people were in attendance. Since we were no longer allowed to meet at the Team Lab, and also due to Dennis' new job, it was decided that the October meeting would be held at the Middle School in the upstairs library meeting room in the west building.

Several general topics were discussed. The first was the election of a new club secretary. Since Lance Tagliapietra was dumb enough to bring a pen and pad to the meeting, he was duly elected (no one was opposed to the results).

Dennis asked the cutting question of why he should keep the BBS up. He was very frustrated with calls from parents due to actions people are taking in the online games. The BBS is run by Dennis on his own time, with his own equiptment, out of his own pocket as a recreational activity. At this time the BBS is still up, and we all hope that it stays that way.

The Internewt, and Luminet, the local commercial access provider, is normally a topic of discussion, and this meeting was no exception. Dennis informed us that 60 new lines have been added for access to Luminet. Unfortunately, these lines are to be dedicated to the new "Virtual School".

The topic of home pages on the Internet was also discussed. It specifically focused on the question: Why should you want to have a personal home page? It was determined that putting up and keeping a home page up to date is significant work. What information information could the individual place on a home page to make others want to see it?

The meeting broke up at approximately 9:00 pm.

August 16, 1995 Meeting Minutes

By Paul Hassinger -- WAPCUG Secretary

At approximately 8:00 PM, President, Dennis Haase officially started the meeting. Audio conferencing over the internet was demonstrated. Dennis brought a DAT(Digital Audio Tape) to show everyone. It mainly, in computers, functions as a person's common backup tape. Mike Rozek showed off his new Zip drive which has become a big seller in the past month or so. Mike also showed off his Boardwatch magazine.

Brett Terprestra and Tony Scudiero let everyone know that they'd both be starting BBS's of their own. Talk of some problems in the FidoNet mail system arose and were talked about. It was notified also, that the new version of BlueWave Mail Reader has been released. Internet "Pinging" was also discussed along with some comments about the Virtual School. The meeting was adjourned around 9:30 PM.

July 19, 1995 WAPCUG meeting minutes

By Paul Hassinger -- WAPCUG Secretary

People gathered at Cotter's team lab arount 7:30 PM. The meeting officially started at 7:50 PM. Since there were a few new people, everyone introduced themselves to each other. The last meetings minutes were also read. Everyone was also reminded of the WAPCUG picnic to be held at the lake park on Sunday the 23rd at 1:00 PM.

Most of the meeting was a demonstration by the PSC BBS sysops. They passed out flyers of their BBS, and what a game BBS had to offer. They demonstrated what RIP graphics over a standar phone line and modem were, and how they improved the interface of a BBS. They also brought in some pre-recorded demonstrations of a multi-player Doom game played on their BBS.

After the big demonstration of the whole Public Service Demonstration, the group talked about the internet a bit. The group then split up and talked to each other on their own. The meeting officially ended around 10:00 PM.

June 21, 1995 Meeting Minutes

By Paul Hassinger -- WAPCUG Secretary

People gathered at Cotter High School's Team Lab for the June 21st WAPCUG meeting. Everyone chatted for awhile. Around 8:00 PM, President of WAPCUG, Dennis Haase officially started the meeting. After some discussion it was decided that a WAPCUG picnic would be in order. This picnic will be held behind The Winona Hospital at Lake Winona on Sunday, July 23rd. This will be in addition to the WAPCUG meeting on July 19th.

Since Dennis Haase will not be able to make it to some future meetings, and the past Vice-President, Peter Logan has not been replaced, the group voted on a new Vice President. I, Paul Hassinger, was the only one to run, and miraculously recieved 100% in votes. Thus, if anyone would like to run for secretary, feel free to do, so. Until then, I'm stuck with both jobs.

Luminet/Internet was a big issue. Issues included access to other towns, Internet access, prices, home pages on the web, leased lines, mail, members vs. non-members, contests on the Internet, and the possibility of having to renaming all of the domains on the Internet next year to provide more addresses.

With the release of Windows 95 coming closer every second, the latest beta version was discussed. Also, hardware required to run the program, such as memory was discussed. The meeting officially ended around 9:30 PM.

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