Note that this information is old, from around 1993, and only here as reference. Some information has been redacted.
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c/o Paul Hassinger
[Address Removed]

FAX: (507) xxx-xxxx
PHONE: (507) xxx-xxxx (6-10PM)
SUPPORT BBS: (507) xxx-xxxx

Attention Winona Area Computer Users

Devine Computers is a hobby business run by Paul Hassinger. It is run in my free time to offer innexperienced users the opportunity to learn how to run basic computer functions such as E-Mail, Internet (including HTML), MIDI, Word Processing, Databases, Spreadsheets, and Communications software on PC and Macintosh platforms. I do this by setting up times to give tutorials in the convenience of your own house with your own computer. This enables you to learn exactly what you have to do, and you don't have to re-learn how to use it with your own computer like you might if you take a class and the class has different computers to learn on.

Devine Computers will also fix broken machines. I can fix most PC problems and almost every Macintosh problem. I am an experienced troubleshooter for both software and hardware problems. I can fix problems that computer companies would easily charge over $50.00/hr for. I can do it much less than that.

If you have a question, need to be tutored on how to use your computer, or broke your computer, please contact me in any of the easy ways listed at the top of this screen, and you will have Devine Computers teach you how to advance into the 21st century!

If you do decide to use my my services, I would only ask that you would make a donation of $15.00 an hour for tutoring, and $20.00 an hour for fixing machines. I guess I would just like to get something out of this at the same time I help out others. If I get stuff back, I'll probably keep it up. Otherwise, I'm sure I wouldn't stay long. Hope to hear from you soon!

Why should you pick Devine Computers over ordinary computer businesses?

Devine Computers Other Ordinary Computer Business
Donations Accepted Mandatory Payment
Cheap (Only $15-$20/hr for training) Expensive (Range between $50-$200+/hr for training)
Convenience (In house, own computer) Inconvenient (Away from home, different computer)
Personalized (One on one training, you get to pick what you want to learn) Class setting (Many people, what they think's important & want you to learn)

What you can get out of Devine Computers.