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I would just like to welcome everyone to my home page. I really appreciate your time in browsing over my home page. Please send me an e-mail to let me know what you think. I need your opinion, so let me know about your ideas. Take some time to listen to my audio welcome (AIFF). Also, Netscape 1.1 or greater is recommended when viewing my page. Sorry about the mess, I am currently trying to integrate cgi scripts and more into my home page. I have no time, and sometimes it looks like ****! Oh well, stop back in a month or two to see randomized tips, etc... Actually, wait until I'm familiar with Java. Once it comes out and I can learn it I will probably try some cool stuff... but not until. :) Feel free to check out what I do have, though, in the meantime.

Attention Winona Area Computer Users

I will be publishing a tip for macintosh computers about every month. Check in to see what I have to say!

Personal Information

I am an avid fan of computers. I especially love programming and would love to learn more languages. I currently know many versions of BASIC including MS-BASIC, QBASIC, and True BASIC. And I also know, of course, HTML. I am currently in the process of learning C++ and Perl.

A while back, in grade school, I won a prize for designing a photograph of a local boat called the Wilkie, through the state capital.

If you don't see me smiling much, here's your chance! Just Kidding.

I live with my mom Susan, my dad Anthony, my sister Nina, and my brother Ryan. I am the oldest of the children. Our family has two dogs. They are named Scruffy and Barkley.

I now attend Cotter High School, and have developed myself into a Macintosh/PC troubleshooter. I have fixed computers on the campus network when they went down, along with anything else that needed to be done, for example, helping out with the original Cotter High School Home Page.

Throughout my high school career, I have participated in Spanish, Band, Math, and Science classes.

I am currently vice-president of a local computer club called WAPCUG or Winona Area PC Users Group. I am also working at Vanguard Technology Group, where I have recieved the knowledge of being a graphics artist, computer programmer, and a video editor.

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